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Parcels are the most vital spatial component of a local government GIS. Optimal parcel accuracy and integrity are critical for successful support of multiple offices utilizing GIS. The parcel fabric provides a data modeling solution to meet the requirements necessary for efficient maintenance, powerful analysis, and end-user deployment of your parcels. Sidwell is the most qualified and experienced EsriŽ business partner to assist you with all of your parcel fabric needs.

Parcel Fabric Services & Solutions

Sidwell Professional Services for the Parcel Fabric

Implementation of comprehensive parcel fabric strategies that include

  • Establish methods to prepare your data to work within the Parcel Fabric
    • Data modeling and staging
    • Conversion planning
    • Data topology cleanup and loading
  • Evaluate GIS centric Land Records workflows
    • Identify enhancements and efficiencies to the parcel maintenance workflow and advances in
      • Annotation
      • Cartography
      • Condominiums & special property types
  • Streamline and automate integration between GIS and Tax/CAMA systems
  • Support data analysis and deployment
    • Publication Datasets
      • Web based solutions
      • Hard copy map generation
Parcel Fabric Services & Solutions

Benefits of the Parcel Fabric

  • Measurement-based approach to managing parcel data
  • Powerful adjustments routines to improve data accuracy
  • Tracks geometry history and groups changes in the fabric
  • Quick, basic tools for split, merge and COGO entry

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